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Tonka Green Giant 1953 Steel Truck Toy Refer Semi *SOLD*


Tonka Green Giant 1953 Steel Truck Toy Refer

We have a beaut here!  This early Tonka is the stuff of boy dreams, and is complete with rubber tires, plywood trailer bed, steel goodness, and aluminum hubs.  Strickers are very good consider the age.

Tonka toy trucks have always been on the top of boy-toy want lists.  Larger and expensive tractor trailers then elevate the desirability.  Finally the early early 1950’s cab with compact proportions take this set to the top.  Green Giant stickers scream Americana.

Our toy came from its original owner and needed a lot of clean-up due to dust and cob webs.  Well the dust cleaned off nicely, and hubs started to sparkle again.  Then the rubber was in very good to excellent condition, so we were happy with what was unearthed.  This is a completely original and unretouched toy with door handles added back.

Note the early and primitive trailer landing gear/front wheels.  They were subsequently beefed up with sheet steel and different wheels.   These first 1953 tractor trailers or semis with private labels are the most sought after and difficult to source, as improvements quickly came.

-Tonka history, Tonka truck & Green Giant toy love!

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