Tri-Ang Minic Toys Police Siren Car- made in England




Tri-Ang Minic Toys Police Siren Car- made in England *Sold*

Here is a desirable pre-war Tri-Ang Police siren car from the Minic lineup.  This police siren car features two drivers and a sturdy working wind-up.  It was also known as a traffic control car.

The prewar version has a beautiful gas can on the fender, later versions did not.

Tires have cracked and are in poor condition; but original.  The drivers seat is loose and needs to be re-pinned in place with nails.  Paintwork has two minor touch-ups.

These issues aside, it is a great survivor from a time where most toys were scrapped for the war effort.  The colors are beautiful and toy a great addition to any car collection.