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Vebe Pressed Steel/Tin Truck with Driver for Sale *SOLD*

Vebe Pressed steel/tin truck with driver for sale

Our pressed steel Vebe oil truck has such a timeless look to it.  The driver, which appears to be composition, greatly enhances the look.

This truck is from about 1950 and modeled after a Chevy truck.

On top of the tanker is a brass cap for water.  Then the spigot is a functioning one so kids to have more play fun.

Vebe of France was a toy maker that took tin toys, post-war engineering, and modern shapes and perfected them.  The toys are beautiful and complex; in the toy world that often means expensive and not cost effective.  Such is the case here, and Vebe appears to have disappeared as cheaper plastic toys took over.

Tires are rubber and accents are in a tin or aluminized metal finish; very much like real truck brightwork.


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