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Weeden Steam Engine for sale, 1920s


Weeden Steam Engine for sale, 1920s

We have an early model Weeden steam engine that has traits from the 19200’s production, but is likely a 1920’s model.  It has a dark red base, and early one, with the early flywheel that is thinner.

The tank has steam-punk style simulated rivets as well as the embossed Weeden steam engine logo (yes, this is the real Steam of steam punk).  The lead governor is a replacement as well as the metal band to drive the governor.  Boiler is antique brass with a nice patina.

Our suggestion is to treat this as a decorative object.  We don’t ever trust boilers over 100 years (or so) and they can be dangerous.  Use compressed air if you like to run these.  -Beautiful artifact from the turn-of-the-20th century.

Weeden Mfg. Co. New Bedford, Massachusetts
1883 – 1952 approx
Founder: William N. Weeden
Specialty: Produced working toy steam engine in 1884; also steamboats, fire engines, and automobiles in miniature with steam as motor power. Manufactured several ultimate rarities among clockwork tin mechanical banks, including “Ding Dong Bell” and “Japanese Ball Tosser”.

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