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Wyandotte Acrobatic Monkeys- Tin windup *sold*


Wyandotte Acrobatic Monkeys- Tin windup

To be frank, this toy took a while to appreciate.  Then the toy aspect took over and we tried it it, it is a GREAT toy!

This tin litho comes from Wyandotte and is less frequently found than their sturdy steel toys.  Our tin is a bit more delicate with vibrant colors and a precarious steel rod framework.  Windup the toy and the motorcycle scoots in a circle.  At each half circle the tin flips over another monkey litho!

Condition is very good to excellent and was likely not played with.  There is spotting below the base, but nothing shows from the top.  Then the litho is quite bright and original.  Our toy’s condition is beautiful!

Metal Products Company was an American toy company founded in 1920 and based in Wyandotte, Michigan for most of its history. It produced inexpensive pressed metal toys under the Wyandotte brand name, and was the largest manufacturer of toy guns in the US for several decades in the 20th century. The company’s slogan was “Wyandotte Toys are Good and Safe.” To keep costs down, the company used scrap and surplus raw materials whenever possible, often manufacturing their toys from scrap metal obtained from local auto factories.

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