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Toy Grading Guide

Toy Grading Scale,modern toys:
C-10 with box
Just like new, in original package, preferably sealed. If on a blister card, the package is intact and unopened. New toys in boxes that remain factory sealed boxes can command higher prices.
C-10 no box
Like new, but no box
Near mint, A toy that appears like new in overall appearance, but exhibits very minor wear and does not have the original box.
Excellent, A toy that is complete and has been played with. Signs of minor wear may be evident, but the toys is very clean and well cared for.
Very Good, A toy that has been played with and shows general wear overall. Paint chipping is readily apparent. In metal toys some minor rust many be evident. In sets, some minor pieces may be missing.
Good, A toys with evidence of heavy play, dents, chips, and possibley moderate rust. The toy may be missing a major replaceable component, such as doors, or maybe in need of repair.

Toy Grading Scale for Older Toys:


Near Mint to Mint

Very Fine to Near Mint

Fine to Very Fine

Very Good to Fine

Good to Very Good




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