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Feel free to drop us an email asking about what you have.  Feel free to network.  Contact us to buy, sell, or even consign your toy collection.  It is all about enjoying the hobby and placing these cherished items with new homes when it is time.


  1. George A Coupe on July 19, 2019 at 1:15 am

    My name is George Coupe and I have been collecting for over 50 years. I will be 83 in November and my wife said get rid of the junk, I have over 200 to 300 toothbrush sets, rare and not so rare, 7 original pin up oils by Baron, who worked the same place as Elvgren, and they are on canvas, German toy Soldiers a few hundred Flag carriers and they are Elastolin, Quite a bit of Palmer Cox, over a hundred porcelain Figural Humidors, Schafer Vater 100 rare figures, over 150 porcelain devils and a lot of them are Royal Bayreuth and rare. Quite a few Framed posteers, Pal and others, Framed Poster of the Beatles and their autograph from the 60’s. Huge collection ofnAnri hand carved wood figures etc I do have a truckload of stuff. Where is the best place to auction it off Also own Admiral Limousine since 1967, drove Frank Sinatra for 33 years and Elvis ans have signed photos of many many celebrities.

    George A Coupe

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