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Allentown, PA Show and Toy Collecting Fun!

The Allentown, PA toy show was a hit for us!  We had an incredible time meeting new people.  We also enjoyed meeting those we’ve done business with in person!  What a treat.

As billed, the show is an old school production where toys are not new goods, but old toys.  Toys that have some dirt and dust and age on them.  It was a pleasure seeing about 25 isles of goodness with hundreds of dealer tables in Pennsylvania.  Thanks to all that said hi and those people we met for the first time.  It was a pleasure!

For those that don’t know, Allentown and Pennsylvania are steeped in production history and it is a perfect location for toy collectors to meet.  Many northeast collectors can drive in, midwestern toy people can drive, and some like us from the SouthEast can make it within 24 hours.  As such this show is absolutely packed with toy treasures.  We saw everything from local PA steel to wood to tin toys from both American and international toy dining menus.

We sat within reach of Barry Skelly of local fame along with a German dealer, midwestern dealer, and countless others.  My only complaint was that I wanted to be a buyer at the same time as a seller.  It is hard to double yourself.

For everyone we met, please stay in touch!  We welcome emails or calls as a follow-up.  With so much buying, networking, selling, and just saying hi, don’t be shy.  It was a controlled blur.

From this week on you will see toys disappear from our shelf as a result; but they will be replaced by some great purchases, consignments, and trades.  Stop by in a week for countless more, as we are just getting warmed up.

On a  personal note, this has to have been one of my favorite shows ever!   I enjoyed being able to bring a toy, then meet the expert in the field, and then see a few subject matter authors in person.  I saw friends from Chicago and then even was able to meet collectors that specifically came for us.  See everyone at the next show, and many thanks for the great conversations and sharing!

Best Regards,

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