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Beautiful Schoenner Workshop Hits Auction

We love to see truly new, odd, beautiful, and intricate antique toys.  Sometimes they show up at auction at odd times, and unexpectedly.  This particular Schoenner worksop was dated circa 1902 and based on photos, appears extremely impressive.


The toy was new to us, as we have Die Anderen Nurnberger Band 4 as well as Blechspielzeug, Dampfspielzeug books to assist…. among other publications.  It didn’t show up for us in the 1902 or 1905 catalogs of these publications.

Do you have a Schoenner catalog or 1902 book to share, one with an ad and this toy?  -That or new data to pour through?  Thanks in advance.



Schoenner transmission set from the 1902-1905 period

Schoenner transmission & workshop set from the 1902-1905 period



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  1. florian on October 29, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    It looks much more like a Bing toy than a Schoenner.

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