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Cast Iron Tow Trucks and Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  The toys are smiling back at you this tough 2020, and we love our cast iron tow trucks.

Cast iron tow trucks by Arcade and Hubley

Smile as we leave year 2020


Off to the far left we can see the giant Arcade Mack truck with steel wheels.  As we go one right, we see another Arcade, a Red Baby Tow in a desirable depression era toy.   Then we cycle to an Arcade Model A truck, to a Champion toy with Mack C cab,  then to hefty nickel grill Hubley, A.C. Williams group (a green 30s hubley is sandwiched), to twin Arcade 1930’s tow trucks, then back to some great Hubley Terraplane trucks.

Be sure to think of us if you have “missing”models from our pictures.  The group went to our local collector, as he’s building a great reference shelf of cast iron pre-war toys.

We would love any ourselves, especially high condition and rare cast iron.  Contact us at .


Be well this remaining 2020, and on to better days in the year 2021!



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