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Cast Iron Still Bank Collection

Cast Iron Still Bank Collection   This selection is humble, but the quality is there.  Here are some pictures to share of an early cast iron still bank collection. Pictured are still banks by Kyser and Rex, the Animal Bank and Yong America, along side a Victorian Bank and Teller Bank.  Kyser and Rex toys…

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Antique Toy Video Reviews

Antique Toy Video Reviews   These last two weeks, we put up some new toy review videos onto YouTube.  Please subscribe and check out the work! Highlights include a Wyandotte toy review, a cork gun (from a kid’s point of view), and a Kenton Hose Reel & Horse toy.    

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Morphy Auction House Robots & Appraisal

Morphy Auction House Robots & Appraisal This first week of June has been a busy one here @ Antique Toys.  I was privileged enough to assist Dan, Tommy, and Staff with a fresh to market robot collection.  This new diecast robot and vehicle collection will be sold off in September of this year 2017. The…

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Antique Toy Videos on Youtube

Time for some good old-fashioned videos on ye ole’ Youtube.  Please subscribe and join us on the toy channels. We have one channel for Cast Iron toys: One Channel for Character toys: One Channel for Tin toys: Then here is our general Youtube site.  Please like us and follow the updates!  Click on the…

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Hubley Cast Iron Toys

The Hubley Manufacturing Company was first incorporated in 1894 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by John Hubley. The first Hubley toys appeared in 1909 and were made of cast-iron, with themes that ranged from horse-drawn vehicles and different breeds of dogs, to tractors, steam shovels, horses, banks, and guns. Hubley’s main competition in the early years was Arcade as well as a bit from A.C. Williams.

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Cast Iron Toys

Collecting cast iron toys has been mostly associated with American toy collectors.  As such, I wanted to assemble some cast iron toy photos for everyone and to make the site more popular with the search engines.  Here are some highlight photos to share.  You will notice the wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Prices tend…

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Kenton Cast Iron Toys from America

One of my latest Cast Iron toy finds ends up being a early 20’s century automobile.  Of course, it has four wheels; but where does the research go from there as there isn’t a make or model labeled on the car? Luckily, here at Antique Toys we have over 300 books and catalogs as well…

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World’s Most Expensive Toys– Yes, they are Antiques

Morphy Auctions Sale of Old Woman In Shoe

World’s most expensive Toys   Searching for valuable toys and internet research is fraught with mistakes, exaggerations, misrepresentations, and assumptions.  I constantly get asked “Did you get a load of that article on the World’s most expensive toys?  Barbie?  GI Joe? Gundam?  Something seems off.” Let me reframe the question, qualify, then correct. For me,…

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Arcade Taxi Review – A Savannah, GA Find

Arcade Taxi with Phone 6500

Peering into the flat matt of dust, smoke residue, and pet hair; I started to recognize the outline of a vintage Arcade toy. Looking closer, the store owner’s find began to take shape as a Number 2 size Yellow Cab from the early 1900’s.

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