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Champion Cast Iron Cars and Trucks

Champion Cast Iron Cars and Trucks

We love the toys from Champion toys made of cast iron.  These are often easy to identify up until the late 1930’s.   Afterward the tale of identification gets murky.

“Champion” is literally marked on the castings of the Mack   Stake and Dump Trucks.  The likewise with the race cars up to the late 1930’s.  There is even a panel truck that gets the same markings.  See pictures below of a few Champion cast iron vehicles.

Then we see toys attributed to Champion that don’t have a good catalog or definitive ad found.  That said, these are primarily red and blue toys.  Wheels and tires have the same look and make.  “Feel” is the same, and we see trademarks of their design team.


So enjoy the photos and help us.  We are always looking for Champion cast iron for friends and our personal collection.  We also would like to locate paperwork from the 1930’s on this toy lineup.  It would greatly help preserve this cast iron maker’s legacy.


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