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Consigning Old Toys to Sell – Selling Antique Toys

Mechanical Horse toy antique from the 1800’s

So the other day my client and I were in a dilemma.  We had an incredibly unique old toy, one that was a desirable antique without many comparable sales.  She asked me to make and offer, but I wasn’t comfortable buying it outright, especially when condition wasn’t easy to review at a distance.  She was concerned about leaving money on the table, and I was concerned about open questions.  -What to do?

Though she considered lowball quick sales, and other slow options, our best solution was a consignment.   She decided to ship us the toy, and then in person I reviewed condition, authenticated historic details, and worked up an online sale.

It worked like a charm!  She and I decided to go as partners on the “venture” and the toy ended up selling quickly to an ecstatic collector.  I was able to confirm condition and originality in person; I did research based on details I could touch and feel; she received a partial payment up front.  After the sale, she received a healthy payment to pursue more collecting, just in different areas.

Uncle Sam Cast Iron Bank. J.E. Stevens

Uncle Sam Cast Iron Bank C.G. Shepard for Shepard Hardware

Moral of the story, please consider consigning your toy with  .  It may be a wonderful way to receive some cash up front, a great price soon, and pass your treasure to the next happy collector.


Have a Great Holiday Season & Merry Christmas!


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