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December Florida Toy Show 2020!

We are excited to support an open air toy show in Florida this November!  the Toy, Train, and Doll event will be held in an open air warehouse and on the adjoining outdoor grounds.  The event will follow all Covid regulations.

Taglines include “Having Fun” and it will be a mix of dealers.  Our experience is that the mix helps you find a deal and that special toy.  

Dealers will get a Facebook streaming event to attract customers that can’t make it.  Then buyers and sellers can enjoy an on site simotanious auction.

Mark your calendars for November 22nd, 2020 which is a Sunday.  The toy show will run from 9AM to 4PM and then have early bird tickets at 8AM.

Dealers and ticket buyers can plan ahead by checking out the site: 


Toy Show in the Tampa Regoin, December, 2020 (Zephyrhills, FL)

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