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Hubley Ahrens Fox uncovered in plain sight- The Story of Circulating with People

Modern trends for toy collecting dictate a plush chair, an internet connection, and a sound “device” to browse the world of e-commerce.  Soon we may just “Jack in” a-la-Matrix and get a direct electrical connection into our brian.  I don’t follow modern trends and I actually get my ass out of the chair and go nose-to-nose, toes-to-toes with collectors.  I love to visit toy shows in person, and as of late have been setting up at the humble 49er Market in Pinellas, FL.


Low and behold, some things come from saying hi to real people and not IM’ing some faceless entity.  It was my pleasure to meet a long-time collector in our county and our first discussion was great.  He put a face and voice to a well known eBay entity.

K- perused my table with a Keystone truck on it, a still bank, some Hubley cast iron, and a YoKai watch.  Matchbox toys were next to a Mr T Peterbilt tractor trailer and much of the collecting by-product was available for deep discount.   He was a seasoned buyer to say the least and barely rose an eyebrow.

He and I had a great visit about toys and about 40 minutes later we decided to meet up at his storage spot.  -Great of him to be so welcoming.

K-‘s tastes are, well, varied and let us say well seasoned.  The next day we met up for a late day visit.  I ended up walking by French tin, talking of his Lehmann toys, staring at countless cast iron toys, then walking by a 6 foot multi shelf unit of tin vehicles.  Oh, and there was a character tin display case, and….   You get the picture.


He and my other new friend were kind enough to answer questions and talk toys.  Later I had the opportunity to pick something I needed my my collection– a Hubley Ahrens Fox engine.   Thank you both for being such gracious hosts!  We will stay in touch and I look forward to doing some toy reviews of more hidden collection treasures.


Best Regards,


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