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Hubley Cast Iron Motorcycles

What a great opportunity to show off some Harley and cop motorcycle toys by Hubley.  These solid cast iron toys were made in the 1930’s and help showcase the prowess of the tool makers at Hubley.

Each of these castings was done by artists and in each you can see the strong points.  I happen to really like the blue and black Harley Race bike driver with fabric folds in his outfit.  The race pose is incredibly dynamic and it is perfect with wear.

Shifting to the mint side of collecting, the olive swivel head cast iron, also by Hubley, is quite large.  Its size can be brought out via this comparison.  Our driver is head and shoulders above.  The head swivels, which was an expensive feature.  The tires are actually castings, so add extra heft.  Condition is excellent for its age.

Our three wheeled side car is in the the worst shape of the grouping.  That said, the gold paint on the tank actually shows the best.  -Go figure.  The toy needs replacement rubber and may get that soon.  For now, it is great in the comparison shot as it shows off a mid-priced toy made by Hubley.  Mid price = mid sized.

The final star is the fragile Hubley lighted motorcycle cop.  It comes in the rare orange color and is accented with a golden swoop and flesh colored accents.  Orange toys like this look superb when they contrast with others, like in our photos.  It should be stated for new collectors that this actually holds a AA battery in the tank area.  The front light illuminates with a turn of the metal switch bar.  The battery gets pressed forward and onto the light contacts, voila!

Enjoy this cast iron grouping, as they will likely go away soon.  For now, it is a nice reminder of why motorcycle collectors get a bit obsessed.  They act like magnets & want more riders…… resist.  Our parting shot is the racer escaping from the Cops.

Hubley cast iron motorcycle group

Our Hubley racer motorcycle escaping the Hubley cops.


P.S.  This link will help find Harley and Cop motorcycles by Hubley on the site:  Hubley Cast iron Motorcycles

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