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Lionel Electric Train Boxed Set and Collecting Trains

Lionel Electric Train Boxed Outfit No 181.  Engine 262. Set and Collecting Trains

We were blessed to get a call from out West this last month.  A family’s “kid” from the 1930s received a Lionel Train set and decided he didn’t like it.  Really?!?.  Wow.

Outfit No 181.  Engine 262. “O” Gauge Track 1 3/8″ Track.  No. 262 Tender, Gondala 812 Green. No 817 Caboose Blue (likely Peacock). Lionel Multivolt Transformer B, No. 81 Rheostat,  No 814 Ivory Refrigeration car.

So this Lionel train set was set aside for decades and decades.  It was wrapped in wax paper and tied off, just as it was purchased in the 1930s.  Then we received the call.

We are quite happy to share it and its story.  These Lionel train sets came with a box of train cars inside an art box set.  The paper litho is in great condition and it allows all of us to enjoy the time capsule.  It even came with a vial of oil!


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  1. John Trezza on April 16, 2021 at 7:57 pm

    Hello John Here
    Lionel set is out of a time warp, that is amazing. I have a similar set only with the 1630 red passenger cars.

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