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Mercury 1000 K&O Outboard Motor from Japan

As we know, the more collectors we know, the deeper the rabbit hole.  Please help me find a toy I’ve just heard about– K&O Mercury 1000 Outboard motor.  I would appreciate any catalogs or data help too for the files.

Rumor has it that these were late 50’s and were part of the “mine is better than yours” movement in outboards.  Mercury topped the competition for a bit with a double tall super high HP motor.  K&O did the same rendition.

We understand that there may be black motors and then a few color variations like red.  Ideally, the red is what we are hoping to find (but will likely fall in love with all variants).

K&O Japan Mercury Outboards 1000

Help us find one of these please, a Mercury 1000 outboard but by K&O of Japan. -Scale toy.

Please let us know if you can help out find an excellent condition K&O Merc!  Thanks in advance.



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