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Metal House Robot Toys

It has only taken us about 70 years, but we did get a bit of insight on Metal House Toys.  This has been a brand of Japanese toys as of late, but a brand that “in theory” was newer.  Reality check- Metal House toys has been a subcontractor for decades.

Metal House was founded in 1943 under the name MARUMIYA. The company was the subcontractor of many famous tin robot brands like Yonezawa, Horikawa, Nomura, and many more. One of their ex-presidents was well-known in the tin toy industry for developing the Smoky Robot.

While virtually all of the well know Japanese robot and space toy sellers of the past no longer exist, Metal House still does. A family business which started before the war, Metal House still makes battery operated tin robots in limited quantities for collectors; or actually did until just a couple of years ago.

-Wish we discovered these details earlier and before the robot factory shut down.

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