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Old Toy Friends and Networking

In the age of Tweets, Likes, captures, snaps, et. al. it is so great to meet collectors in person.  Visits like the one I enjoyed last week make me want to drop the computer in the trash & network with only an old phone, two hands, two eyes, and two feet.

This Sunday a vintage car collector invited me over to see his astonishing collection.  It was a joy to see someone at the apex of collecting, as he not only had incredible toys, but showed them off with superb glass cases and proper lighting.  At a glance I’d say there were over 15 cases of them.  He gave me the tour as well as the most expensive commodity– his time.

We had time to inspect his Japanese tin cars, his American cast iron vehicles, toy aircraft from around the world, and then even some restoration projects he had going.  There is nothing like comparing original paint, original patina, and original paperwork to place holder box reproductions and repainted items.  I was astonished to see a few of the Tin Toy Works restorations and attempt to spot their fixes.

May all the readers have such good fortune and find a local collector to network with and share collecting details.  My hope is that you share your passion with others near by and keep the hobby social and enjoyable in person.



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