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Old Toys and Photos of Old Toys

Old Toys & Photos– What is  your time frame? E

Marty asked me to define and antique.

‘It is officially a toy over 100 years…’ I said.

Then he asked about vintage toys. ‘..To me it is a toy that is at least 15 years old’

Then he drilled deeper and asked me to define the term “Old Toys.”  This request had me a bit stumped.

Old Toy with Robot driver

Old Toy with Robot driver.  -At least old to a Generation X person.

Old toy motorcycle picture.

The is the normal definition of an “Old toy”. It is a well used toy from a generation or two ago…. This old toy is an Antique


Old Toy; maybe! It is the Batmobile from the 1960’s and made in Japan.


‘What is old’, I think to myself, and then I wax philosophical.  To me old depends on your reference.  In the age of the world as we know it, 100 years is a blink of the eye new.  So I roll back to human perception and then reference a lifetime.  Then again, I have to roll back to the perspective of the person asking.

Don’t dare ask my kids what is old, because to them, 4 years is old.  To them (say my 8 year old), 4 years represents half of a lifetime!  So I have to cut her slack.

To me, a Gen X guy, something made in the 1980’s and previous is old.  -Or then again maybe the 80’s represent vintage and the 60’s are the time of “old toys.”  I get a bit flustered here because if the 80’s toys are old then I’m old?!?.  I settle on the 60’s toys as being old toys.

So now have to roll back my perception and keep it simple.  Old toys are anything that aren’t currently in production.  -Make sense?  This way I can say that the “old Star Wars toys” in Target last year were nice; the new ones for Rogue One are better! 🙂

-Be sure to check out our “Old Toys” for sale here at AntiqueToys.  I’ll be inclusive of some soon-to-be classics of the 60’s and may even edge towards showcasing a few from the 1970’s!

Be well & Happy Old Toy Hunting!


Old toy by Althof Bergmann

This Althof Bergmann two horse carriage or gig will surely meet anyone’s definition of an old toy.

Old toy- steam engine by Weeden

Old Toy picture of a Gibbs wood and tin horse toy with carriage

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