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Old Windup Toys and Antique Toy Windups

Old Windup Toys and Antique toy Windups

This may be a great opportunity to show off some of the current windup toys on AntiqueToys as well as show off some toy history.   Check out the old windup toys & photos below.

Below are old windup toy mechanisms to get a flavor for what “used to be” a kids toy.  Most of the larger springs shown that isn’t thicker “clockwork” springs are from the 1910s to 1930s below.

windup toy or Old tin windup toys

Old Windup Toy that was made in Germany. This one, with the clutch, is recognizable as made by Lehmann. This windup is amazing to watch in person.

As time went on, like in this 1940’s Japanese windup, the windup toy mechanism was hidden from kids’ fingers and not open. Early windup toys tended to either be extremely costly and elegant or completely open to the air….and fingers!

toy bird. Old windup tin toys.

Pardon the windup bird butt! This Early Bird windup had a completely enclosed windup mechanism and separate key. It is elegant, but a pain when the old windup key gets lost….

old windup toys with clockwork spring

Old George Brown windup toy with a thicker and exposed spring. Old windup toys from the 1800s tended to be crude in America with exposed “clockwork” type inner workings.

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