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Buddy L

Buddy L Toys for Sale

History: Buddy L Salem, Massachusetts
1910 to date
Other names: Moline Press Steel(1910-1913); Buddy L Wood Products(1944); Buddy L Manufacturing (1930); Buddy L Corp.(to date).
Founder: Fred Lundahl
Cranes, steamrollers, trucks, construction toys.
Buddy L toys were named after the founder`s son. Lundahl introduced the line in 1921, starting with a pressed steel pick-up truck that expanded into a veritable fleet of almost 30 cranes and other construction toys some five years later. Most all of the Buddy L line feature much stronger parts than the competition and a commitment to longevity. The steel is a very very heavy gauge and similar to full sized International truck specifications. The Enamel was dipped thick, then baked in ovens. They are simply heavy, stout, and desirable toys.

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