Pressed Steel Toys

Pressed Steel Toys tend to be bigger and heavier than most toys & are made of steel predominantly. The thick steel parts (compared to most toy forms) are pressed between two tooled metal dies with hydraulic force. The result is a very strong and sturdy toy, often made in a process similar to 19th century auto fenders. In fact the rise of steel in the U.S. and burgeoning auto industry allowed pressed steel toys to thrive. Craftsman that knew how to make autos simply shrunk the tooled dyes and pressed steel shapes down for toys.

Buddy-L toys and their International truck tie-in is a perfect example of this synergy. We stock Buddy-L, Tonka, Sturditoy, Keystone, Nylint, Cor-cor as well as other high quality steel toys. Sturditoy and Structo Toys are a bit less known but we like those too as well as Tonka Truck toys and Wyandotte.

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