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1920’s Kenton Large Cast Iron Fire Engine Pumper Truck Period Customized for Sale


1920’s Kenton Large Cast Iron Fire Engine Pumper Truck Period Customized


We have for you today a 1920’s large scale Kenton cast iron fire pumper truck. This piece was customized by its original owner who was also a Train Club of America (TCA) member and collector. It comes with two cast iron men who we assume are original to this piece. Included are two hoses and a reel hose, we don’t know if these came with this or were added during its customization. So many small intricacies were added to this that we included several photos so that you could get a better idea of the small details that were added throughout this piece. We did not notice any breaks or repairs to the original base fire engine. It is marked “Kenton Toys Kenton, Ohio” on the underside of the passenger side rail. Overall, this fire pumper truck is in great condition with all of the usual patina, light surface rusting, chips, scratches and wear associated with age and play. We encourage you to look at all of the photos of this really neat piece to further determine quality and condition. This truck has and overall length of approximately 14 5/8” in length.


A Brief History of Kenton Toys:


Kenton Hardware Co. Kenton, Ohio

1890 – 1952

Founder: F.M. Perkins (Patented line of refrigerator hardware).

Their specialty was toy production that began in 1894 with a line of horse-drawn fire equipment, banks, and toy stoves. The company was renamed Kenton Hardware in 1900 and then it became part of mammoth National Novelty Corp. merger in 1903 which continued its toy line under the name Wing Mfg. Co. Kenton was involved in several unsuccessful takeovers, it eventually emerged as a separate unit, the Kenton Hardware Co., and again produced toys successfully from 1920-1935. Kenton ceased production in 1952 and the assets were sold in 1953. The Littlestown Hardware & Foundry acquired many Kenton toy designs and marketed them under the brand “Utexiqual”. Littlestown eventually folded in 1982.

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