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1959 Bandai Japan Cadillac Sedan Friction Tin Car *sold*


1959 Bandai Japan Cadillac Sedan Friction Tin Car


Capping off their strong years of the 1950s, Bandai brought is this fantastic Cadillac Sedan as a part of their Model Auto Series, #721.


Our particular example stands out due to its superb cosmetic condition.   The nicely detailed body in the classic cream white just “pops” when the car is displayed on a shelf.


Accented with fully litho’d Strawberry red interior and the chrome trim, they did a wonderful job capturing the iconic look of the golden age Cadillac.


The original rubber tires show some light nicks from minor play, and the friction drive remains strong.


As to the condition specifics, there are a few minor scratches across the body but virtually no paint loss. Blue plastic windshield and rear window are clear. The rear plastic cone taillights appear to have been reattached.


The car has been kept in its original. Box shows some light soiling and mild edge wear, particularly to the left edge of the lid. Same edge on the bottom has a large tear with an adhesive repair.


Overall, 2 solid thumbs up!


Car measures approx. 11” Total Length

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