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Promotional 1960 Corvette Model Most Likely by AMT


1960 Corvette Promo model likely by AMT

Here we have an exceptionally clean, nearly unused, Corvette promo model.  It is the 1960’s Corvette in a beautiful red with white coves.

Unlike most seen for sale, this one has the delicate red window frame still intact with visors.

The toy or promo actually has a friction motor so it can roll forward with momentum and by using a flywheel.



A brief history of Aluminum Models Toys (AMT) of Troy, Michigan:

Aluminum Model Toys, commonly abbreviated as AMT, was founded in Troy, Michigan by West Gallogly, Sr. in 1948 and continues to this day. AMT specialized in various pre-assembled plastic promotional models and kits. Most of the company’s model and kit vehicle products were American cars and trucks in 1:25 scale.

In the 1970s, the company began to produce hot rods, customs, trucks and movie and TV vehicles. In 1978, British Lesney, makers of Matchbox die cast vehicles, bought AMT and moved the company to Baltimore, Maryland. Fewer promotional models were needed by vehicle companies due to Detroit vehicle manufacturers being squeezed by government regulations of emissions, safety and fuel economy so model companies depended more on kits AMT produced. However, the model building hobby declined as well during that time. Ertl eventually purchased AMT in 1983 and renamed it AMT-Ertl and for a time, AMT kits were reissued by independent companies such as Stevens International and Model King.

Ertl eventually sold the company in 2007 and AMT came solidly into the stable of Round 2, LLC of South Bend, Indiana. In an ironic turn that parallels other large companies, AMT now co-exists in the same organization alongside a revived MPC, Polar Lights and Ertl Collectibles.

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