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1963 Bandai Chevy Impala License Plated Tin Car *sold*


1963 Bandai Chevrolet Impala Sedan “License Plated” Model Tin Car

Here we have an interesting 1963 Frankonia/Bandai Friction Impala! What’s so interesting about it you ask? I’m glad to tell you!


When you think of great quality 1950s/1960s tin cars from Japan, one of the first names that will pop up is Bandai. Their quality, realism and typically size are winners for collectors or those who want great display models.


However, this toy has an interesting gimmick! It comes from the “License Plated” Model Cars series, which include a slide-in front mounted frame for a cut out license plate.


“Well, where would I get a license plate that small?” You ask? The original box! The walls of the box feature different cut out plates for all 50 US states and Canada!


To the car itself, it’s a good looker. Nice cream body with chrome trim accented by the Impala flag decals and red plastic dome taillights. The interior has chill lime green detailing, full dash and plastic steering wheel. To top it off, the tin rims match the interior in litho as well.


Friction motor is very healthy and this car will boogie if you can’t hold yourself back and have to play with it. (I’m guilty, but for quality control reasons only, I swear!)


Overall excellent condition, with some light nicks to the paint and some loss on the chrome trims. Original box shows some heavy edge wear and some light staining, but hey it’s a survivor (and yes, all of the plates are there).


Car measures approx. 11-1/4” Long

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