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AC Gilbert Lead Toy Casting Kit Kaster Kit for Sale *SOLD*

AC Gilbert Lead Toy Casting Kit for sale – Kaster Kit

This particular toy set is a toy that won’t be replicated again.  The 1931 kit was meant for kids to heat up and pour their own molten lead toys.  YES, let’s give kids lead and have them heat, melt, pour, shave, and paint their hearts out with.  The toy likely

Note that this is a highly dangerous item.  The melt point of lead is 621F (327 C)!!

This Gilbert Kaster Kit 5I-2 comes with its cardboard box, the original customer shipping box, and then a set of poured soldiers, as well as all the tools, paperwork, and molds to make three toys.  There is a train mold, a soldier mold, and then a magic coin mold.

The set even has tweezers to remove the heated and slightly cooled toys.  Then it has a cutter to remove the warm, but unused sprue.  Finally you get a bush as well as two tins of paint.  One soldier has some paint on it from the original owner.

As we flip over the platform, we see a full hand and fingerprints on the bottom, likely from a hand painted blue surround.  The Gilbert sticker is near mint.

John Wannamaker appears to be the retail company that purchased it from Gilbert.  Then we have a private label buyer where it was shipped second.

**More details and pricing to follow**

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