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AC Williams Cast Iron Lincoln Touring Car *SOLD*

AC Williams Cast Iron Lincoln Touring Car *sold*

At 9″, this is the largest of the Lincoln cast iron touring cars by Williams.  It is a very desirable variation, with steel spoked wheels and very fragile cast “soft touring top.”

The dark green is beautiful and the gold stripe a great highlight for this stellar and heavy toy.

AC Williams History

he AC Williams Company was started in 1844 in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, by his father John Wesley Williams.  The company at first produced a variety of  items including parts for wagons, oil field machinery, pruning tools, etc.  In 1865, AC Williams began working there was his father and eventually purchased the company in 1886.

Due to two different fires, one in 1889 and another in 1892, the company was relocated to Ravenna, Ohio. The company shut down for a time in 1893 due to the economy and, when it reopened a few months later, it produced some small models of sad irons for its salesman, and that became the beginning of their cast iron toy manufacturing phase.

During the next 30 years or so, the AC Williams Company (incorporated under that name in 1905) produced a wide variety of cast iron toys and banks and became the largest manufacturer of cast iron toys in the world, making horse-drawn toys, wheel toys, automobiles, tractors and airplanes.

During WWI, the production of toys decreased.  With demands for other products from the company and the increasing popularity of toys made of other materials, such as plastic and rubber, toy manufacturing finally came to a halt, and the last of the AC Williams Company cast iron toys were manufactured in 1937-1938.