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Aero Bearing and Windmill Salesmans Sample for sale *sold*


Aero Bearing and Windmill Salesmans Sample/kit for sale

Our beautiful “toy” is actually an Aero bearing and windmill company salesman’s sample.  This was hauled out to the Heartland of American to produce orders for the company.  It was later packaged too as a kit.

Our toy has some light bends in the bottom support beams, with original condition and great bright Aero graphics.  The upper bearing housing spins smoothly but appears a bit loose.

The scale is impressive with a measuring tape shown next to it (which shows overall height marked on it, just tipped sideways).

These just don’t come up for sale often, so it is a pleasure to offer this original farm toy , salesman’s sample, & slice of Americana.

-Godzilla toy not for sale, but shown for scale & fun.


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