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Amatoy’s Prototype Tenite Iolaite Plastic Noah’s Ark Boat Pull Toy


Amatoy’s Prototype Tenite Ioliate Plastic Noah’s Ark Pull Toy

This is a very rare prototype (possibly one of a kind) Noah’s Ark pull toy from Amatoy out of Chicago Illinois. We were not able to find anything outside of the included sheet for the toy and a provenance paper by the son of the toy maker.

The insert reads as follows:

“A modern Noah’s Ark molded of lustrous, colorful, Tenite measuring about 19” from bow to stern, and 5 ½” in the beam, is a sound, bath tub worthy vessel. The buoyant Tenite hull, weighted with metal to prevent it from capsizing, floats easily—for the biblical 40 days and forty nights, if need be. The tough Tenite plastic also withstands rough treatment, and has a high safety factor in comparison with other toys.

Chocolate brown Tenite is used for the hull, the windowed cabin is white, and shingled roof, brilliant red. The roof may be removed, fastened end to end by two grooved plastic strips provided for the purpose, and a gang plank is formed. Treads molded on the underside of the roof halves afford safe footing complete set of Mama and Papa animals, Mr. and Mrs. Noah and the all important white dove. Made in rather complete detail, these Iolaite plastic figures are tough, will not break unless subjected to sharp blows.

The Ark comes cradled in a sort of Tenite dry-dock on wheels, which is sturdily constructed with reinforcing ribs on the bottom so that it may be used by the owner if so desired, as a scooter, wagon, or skate. A towline capped with a red Tenite button is threaded through on end.

Tenite and Iolaite are sturdy thermoplastic materials, however they should not be subjected to temperatures above 125 degrees F. or to unusually heavy weights or hammer blows. Tenite and Iolaite wills stand up well for a long time when given reasonable care.”

This Tenite plastic boat comes unused in its original box. Included are the afore mentioned animals made of Iolaite. You get one dove, two giraffes, two dogs, two kangaroos, two camels, two elephants, two lions, and Noah and his wife. The giraffes and camels do not stand. The parts to make the gang plank are included.The red roof/gang plank parks show some warping but they stay on the top of the cabin just fine. We are guessing this was in an attic at some point and the heat may have caused the issues with the red roof/gang plank and the two sets of animals that don’t stand anymore. Either way this one of a kind toy would be great for any collector to have.


Below is the text from the provenance letter you will receive with this item:


Provenance for Noah’s Ark:

I was born in 1943. Sometime during WWII my dad, Charles E. Russel, manufactured the AMATOY Noah’s Ark. He sold the business to someone who wanted to manufacture serrated poker chips to the military for use by the troops. That was prior to my earliest memories.

He did provide another ark which has not been out of the original box since 2018. I never played with this toy, and as far as I know it is original. It does contain a descriptive sheet which is in the box. It too is original.

I remember playing with the ark (another one) as a child, and believe that it floats when it is separated from its frame.

The ark is a dark brown plastic, with a white shelter top and a two panel plastic red roof which doubles as a gang plank for the animals.

Dave Russell

September 23, 2018

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