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Antique Arcade ca. late 1930’s Yellow Cast Iron “Caterpillar Diesel Tractor” #270Y D-7 Crawler Track-type Tractor Toy for Sale


Antique Arcade ca. late 1930’s Yellow Cast Iron “Caterpillar Diesel Tractor” #270Y D-7 Crawler Track-type Tractor Toy

We have for you this ca. late 1930’s yellow cast iron “Caterpillar Diesel Tractor” D-7 crawler track-type tractor toy, model #270Y that was manufactured by the Arcade Manufacturing Company of Freeport, Illinois.

This is one of the largest, most solid tractor toys ever made by Arcade.  It is as strong and solid as you can get, then it is a Caterpillar brand with steel tracks!  Rubber tracks were the less expensive option and often came with different silver painted hubs. Chrome plating has flaked off on the driver, the front grill, and the tracks, but THIS is just what happens to vintage toys like these.  It wasn’t meant to last in all its glitz.  The toy cast iron, on the other hand, was.  This is a spectacular original condition toy.

This is a two-piece cast iron construction where the halves are held together with a riveted steel rod in the center. The wheels, axles, driver, and guide rods appear to be nickel plated cast iron. The track is nickeled steel as is the radiator. The motor is an aluminum finished cast iron.

Embossed on both the left and right front sides of the tractor it says “Caterpillar” vertically. On the inside left it is embossed with “270L” and on the right inside it is embossed “270R” and “270R Arcade”. The decals are in good condition with the usual flaking and loss that can be seen with age and play. The decals read, “Trademark Licensed by Caterpillar Tractor Co. Peoria, Illinois”.

We need to mention that we have seen four of these recently in restored condition bring quite a sum, or be bid on. You will want to note the color of our tracks and the chrome plating that chips off with age (many reproductions look great but don’t have this plating). Paint was dipped enamel that would thin on corners normally and oxidize when original. Note too, the black color of the inner wheels that were enameled (restorations often miss this). Also note the grill oxidation (there are reproduction grills that are shiny, not aged appropriately).

Our example of this tractor is in great all original condition with no restorations, repairs, breaks or touch ups. This piece shows the usual patina, chips, scuffs, scratches, surface rusting and wear that are to be expected from age and play. It is approximately 7 ¾” L x 3 ¾” W x 3 ½” H. This is a very desirable and hard to find cast iron toy and would be a great addition to any cast iron collection. We invite you to view the photos to further determine quality and condition.


A brief history of Arcade Manufacturing Company of Freeport, Illinois:

 The Arcade Manufacturing Company of Freeport, Illinois was originally founded as Novelty Iron Works by Edward H. and Charles Morgan in 1868, and conducted business in two small buildings with a staff of ten people.

The company operated between the years 1868 to 1946. They began making toys and coffee mills and then moved to a new site in 1893 (after fires, financial issues, and changing their name from Novelty Iron Works).

Arcade toy catalogs appear to start at 1902 and as late as 1939. Arcade`s toy line included over 300 toy items. Yellow Cab was their first successful toy followed by Andy Gump in 348 and Chester Gump in His Pony Cart. Arcade also made toy banks, doll house furniture, and cast-iron penny toys.



A brief history of Caterpillar Tractor Company of Peoria, Illinois:

The Caterpillar Tractor Company was originally formed in 1925 as the result of a merger between the Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L. Best Tractor Company, the Caterpillar name originated years earlier. In the early 1900s, seeking for a way to improve the mobility and traction of his company’s steam tractors, Benjamin Holt replaced the wheels with wooden tracks bolted to chains. The innovation worked so well that one bystander was said to have remarked that the machine crawled along much like a caterpillar. Holt agreed, and dubbed his new machine “Caterpillar,” a name he eventually trademarked in 1910.


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