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Antique Tin Racing, Train, and Airplane Medals for Sale


Tin Racing Medals, Train, and Airplane Medals

Our group represents a glitzy and odd combination of unknown history.  One of our large toy purchases had these hidden away.  Let us know if you have details behind them.

As best we can tell, these were actual award medals waiting for ribbon.  They appear to be near new old stock, and based on the airplanes, circa the late 1920s.   The  airplanes remind us of Lindy’s planes.

Cars though are early 1900’s designs and remind us of French race cars, tires belching up smoke and dust.

There area even a pair of train medals as well as a lion in gold flashing.

Each item is a stamping and likely tin with a much better than average flashing of gold.  They could possibly be of brass too with a high finish.

Condition on the medals are good with tarnishing and light wear.

There are even a pair of Victory metals, likely a reference to The Great War, WW I.

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