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Arcade Cast Iron Pile Driver Train Car for Sale – 1902 *SOLD*


Arcade Cast Iron Pile Driver Train Car for sale- 1902

This beautiful and hefty chunk of history comes from 1902 and Freeport, IL- The Arcade Toys Factory.  It is a giant at about 10″ in length and similar height.  The toy is iron and cast iron.

The toy is in original good condition with light chips as shown and original paint.

In case you wondered, it was never in scale with another Arcade Train.  It is a stand alone toy.  The weight latches onto the top structure.  Crank the rope up and it releases the latch and drops the weight.  It is a fast and heavy action; watch out for your fingers!

Arcade Mfg. Co. Freeport, Illinois
1868 – 1946
Founder: E.H. and Charles Morgan
Specialty: First made toys and coffee mills and then moved to a new site in 1893 (after fires, financial issues, and renaming from Novelty Iron Works).  Arcade toy catalogs appear to start at 1902.  As late as 1939, Arcade`s toy line included over 300 toy items. Yellow Cab was their first successful toy. Andy Gump in 348 and Chester Gump in His Pony Cart were other popular toys for collectors. Arcade also made toy banks, doll house furniture, and cast-iron penny toys.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in