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Arnold German Windup Tin ships for sale-2025


Arnold German Windup Tin ships for sale 2025

Our pair of mid-century Arnold ships shows how close sizing can be on these toys, yet how interesting the variations can be.  One ship is about 1/2 inch smaller than the next, and it causes a double-take.

A measurement tape is provided by the ships for convenience.  We believe that on is the Number 2025/28 or 28 centimeters, but are a bit challenged if the manufacturer just measures hull length or adds in rudder length.

Both toys are in original condition.  The slightly smaller ship has chipping paint on the top of the bridge.  It and the other only have one mast each.   Because of the fragile nature of these ships, we chose to not clean either toy; they are in as-found condition from an estate.

For those that don’t know, Karl Arnold was born in 1865 in Bravaria.  Then at the age of 41 he founded the company for mechanical toys in Nurenberg (1906).There is a wonderful book entitled Arnold – The Toys from 1906 until 1965 that shows more on this German maker.  I recommend Ulrich Schweizer’s book wholeheartedly, especially to the person that purchases these solid and iconic tin ships.

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