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Bandai Tin Car for Sale – Ranch Wagon!


Bandai Tin Car for sale- Ranch Wagon!

This isn’t something we are supposed to like; a Ford 2 door station wagon (oxymoron) at 11.75″ in length.  It is an adult’s nightmare, the station wagon we get forced to drive.  -The 50’s version of the Dodge Caravan.  So we don’t like it; or actually LOVE this!  Something is wrong with us.

We get sweet 50’s and pre 60’s teal in a pastel pallet.  It goes with a poodle skirt.  This is a 1957 Ford classic that has pop! Then we get fins that pop and set off coves with chrome and whitewalls.  Bandai even gives is a spring loaded tail gate window that pops open when the rear door lowers.

The Big Book of Tin Cars has this a scarcity rating of good, but condition is off the charts.  It must be around a C-9, but please triple check our photos.  The toy came from an estate, otherwise it would likely stay in a black hole of a collection.

Coloration is a very desirable set of light blue, teal, and another lighter blue with a red and white litho interior.

Condition is excellent and original with an original box.  Don’t buy it!  This is a gateway drug to 50’s tin cars…..

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in