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Becker Tin Toy from Zschopau School of Tin Toys Steam toy


Becker Tin toy from Zschopau School of Tin toys- Steam toy

Pardon our wordy title, but this is a delicate toy that is quite old, likely from around 1910.  Condition is quite good and it has quite a bit of history going to to explain….

The gondolas are actually penny toys for Becker of Germany, they likely were boats with the hulls left off on purpose.  Then we have two whirling spinners to the side of the main mast and umbrella.  These spin with the main drive wheel (to be powered by a steam or hot air engine).  The main umbrella sporadically rotates.

The base, column and top umbrella are hand painted.  The penny toys are lithography and printed colorations on tin.

Finally, Becker is a less followed name and is considered part of the hand toy painting “Zschopau School”.  Heino Becker and others like Ricter, Wunderlich and Zinkner produced toys just south of Chemnitz, Germany.  These toys tend to be hand crafted and hand lacquered.   They had small factory forces, and they did supply toys to Bing, Carette, and Plank!  Great history and this helps explain some cross over looks in the early Germany Toys!

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