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Betty Boop Celluloid Trapeze windup from Japan *SOLD*

Betty Boop Celluloid Trapeze windup from Japan

Beautiful Betty Boop celluloid from the 1930s.  This windup toy comes with a nan excellent box with a small tear and a near mint condition trapeze bar.

We rarely find this style of fragile toy and have never seen one in box for sale.  Rare and desirable character toy !

Betty Boop made her first appearance on August 9, 1930, in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes the seventh installment in Fleischer’s Talkartoon series. Although Clara Bow is often given as being the model for Boop, she actually began as a caricature of singer Helen Kane.

Largely forgotten now, Kane was a major star during the flapper era. She became an overnight sensation after she scatted the lines “Boop-Oop-A-Doop” in her 1928 hit song, “I Wanna Be Loved By You.”

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