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Bing 130/383 Poppet Valve Uniflow Steam Engine for Sale


Bing 130/383 Poppet Valve Uniflow Steam Engine

Our preheat Bing Engine, model 130/383,  is a very special model.  It utilizes a flat belt as well as a dynamo for the set and has a unique form.  We find this model in the 1912 Bing toy catalog.

Size is quite an impressively large, in fact the largest of the lineup, 19 inches by 19 inches approximately of wood base with lithographed tile.  Cataloging from Bing of Germany officially lists this at 450 x 450 mm.   The base has intricate tiling to compliment the cast iron partial base and blued steel steam tank.

The big structure on the stack is a feed water pre heater.  The water to be used recycles the ” almost wasted” heat from the chimney.

The valve on this one is an extremely unique Poppet valve which injects steam from opposite sides to get expansion on the piston for alternating directions. It was an evolutionary dead end in steam engine design.

Condition is original and it came from an de-accessioned museum collection.  Tiling has some water marking and fading.  The boiler has polish marks on the back bluing.  Overall the toy has aging and light corrosion.  Yet overall, this is in exceptional condition and may not have been used much if at all.  Boiler housing details have strong paint and nickel finish.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 26 × 18 in