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Bing, G.B.N., Steam Engine Extra Large for Sale


Bing, G.B.N., Steam Engine- Extra Large

We were asked for more extra large steam engines, and can now offer a doozy!  This is an extra large Gebruder Bing Steam engine from turn of the century.

Condition is original.

Details are coming, but this is a hint of the impressive toy.

Gebbruder Bing Nuremberg, Germany
1866 – 1933
Karl Bub; toy trains/Fleischmann; toy boats
Founder: Brothers Ignatius and Adolph Bing
Spring-driven toys
Wide-range of spring-driven, cars, buses ,boats. Perhaps its biggest coup was a line of trains initiated in 1882. Bing went under during the crash of 1929; Karl Bub acquired the toy trains division and Fleischmann the toy boats.

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 34 in