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Bing of Germany Tin Printing Press from Germany circa 1909 with Type *Antique Toys E-Museum*

Bing Tin Printing Press from Germany circa 1909 with type SOLD *E-Museum*

This tin printing press is “extremely fine hand painted” from the early 1909 catalog.  It actually works and comes with a press roller that holds individual letters.  Then a box of letters is included with he tin toy.  Springs tension the roller for paper and then the driver is steam toy powered.  The toy can also be hand cranked.

The hand paint work on this is quite subtile, and a site to behold in person.  The base is a tan, similar to a wooden plinth.  Then the mechanism has a base of dark green, like a British racing green.  Specific parts are hand painted black.  Then the coral colored striping is hand painted pin striping that really takes time to absorb.  It is hand done and lines are incredibly straight.  Springs are natural in color.  Printing blocks are a combination of metal and potentially rubber.

Our toy harkens from the Hirshberg collection, author of “Steam toys: a Symphony in Motion”.

Gebbruder Bing Nuremberg, Germany
1866 – 1933
Karl Bub; toy trains/Fleischmann; toy boats
Founder: Brothers Ignatius and Adolph Bing
Spring-driven toys
Wide-range of spring-driven, cars, buses ,boats. Perhaps its biggest coup was a line of trains initiated in 1882. Bing went under during the crash of 1929; Karl Bub acquired the toy trains division and Fleischmann the toy boats.

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