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Bing Horizontal Type Steam Engine #5330 for Sale *sold*


Bing Horizontal Type Steam Engine #5330

Our clean and pinstriped Bing Steam Engine appears to be their clear copy of a Weeden Horizontal engine.  The flywheel on this one though is clearly pinstriped by a German professional in red and has the extra gloss Weeden Model 14 didn’t have.

The base is made of very heavy cast iron.  The boiler with simulated rivets is brass.  The flywheel is likely iron with chrome plating and red enamel paint. The flywheel also has orange pin striping which is a beautiful piece of toy sculpture on its own.

Condition is fair, as the base and piston have black touch-up with 80% original paint.  The steam valves and boiler are not trustworthy and this should be a static model until inspected by a professional.  In fact the brass tube running to the top boiler valve is loose and would have to be re soldiered on.  There also is no governor present.  The original whistle is present.

Still, this Bing engine is quite a challenging model to find.  It has a beautiful aesthetic and makes a great steam toy display.



A brief history of Bing Corp./Gebrüder Bing:


Bing Corp. New York City, New York

Operated between 1924 – 1935

Founded by: John Bing

Bing Corp. was a spin-off of German firm, Gebrüder Bing. The mainly served as jobber for their parent firm with mechanical boats, zeppelins, and steam engines.


Gebrüder Bing Nuremberg, Germany

Operated between 1866 – 1933

Founded by: Brothers Ignatius and Adolph Bing

They specialized in a wide-range of spring-driven toys, cars, buses, boats. Perhaps its biggest coup was a line of trains initiated in 1882. Bing went under during the crash of 1929; Karl Bub acquired the toy trains division and Fleischmann the toy boats.


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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 in