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Bing Steam Toy Dredge from Germany Circa 1912


Bing Steam Toy Dredge from Germany Circa 1912

Readers may not at first appreciate specific toys, but they can love quality.  This is a very high condition, if not excellent, original Steam Accessory by Gebruder Bing circa 1912.  Our catalog date puts it out the same year that Samuel Colt produced the iconic 1911 gun.  That is 108 years ago!

Our toy comes from the author of Steam Toys: A Symphony in Motion (Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Morton Hirschberg (2007-07-01)

Much of this looks hand painted and in a deep red, mustard, and with a green base.  The imprinted Bing logo is pressed into the base.

Turn the flywheel buy turning the smaller steam powered pulley.  Then the dredge scooper “scoops” out sand that would be in the basin.  The sand then fullers into the “factory” and then back into the basin.  It makes an infinite motion machine, but represents the crucial job of dredging out bodies of water.

See the Bing 1912 catalog page with dimensions and details.

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