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Bing Windup Old Toy with Box for Sale


Bing Windup Tin Toy For Sale with Box

Our special offering comes by way of New York and was very well curated for about 100 years.  We suspect this to be a circa 1910 train set by the well known maker Gebruder Bing of Germany.

Inside the box we have an oval of track then a bonus stop and building included.  The building could have fit we suppose, but it doesn’t seem to have room inside.  There are also two metal information signs as shown.

The windup works properly and the engine and cars are in beautiful original condition.  The engine is lithography with at least three colors and compliment with gold in the pressing.  Rails are a lustrous nickel plating that is still bright.

The first class car is hand painted and truly stand out with deep blues and blacks, accented with gold and reds.  Inside of the (I) class car is a deep yellow paint; a beauty!

With the set is a station marked in the BW for Bing Works.  It has a great concession set of ads and quite a colorful addition.

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Weight 5.8 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 24 × 10 in