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Bird Biscuit Tin W&R Jacob and Co. for Sale


Bird Biscuit Tin W&R Jacob and Co.

Our cross-over tin item is not a toy, just a tin item of beauty.  The biscuit tin caught our eye and reminded us of a very fine bank from the 1800’s with desirable color.

The tin is in good used condition.  The four feet are present as is the lid which functions well.  The tin’s inside has a  worn golden coating.

Outside, the black color base coat is highlighted with deep reds, browns, yellows, and aged gold.  There is even a tulip on the top.

The originator of the Jacob’s brand name was the small biscuit bakery, W & R Jacob, founded in 1851 in Bridge Street, Waterford, Ireland by William Beale Jacob and his brother Robert. It later moved to Bishop Street in Dublin, Ireland, with a factory in Peter’s Row. A factory in Aintree, Liverpool was opened in 1914.

Jacob’s Bishop Street premises was one of several prominent Dublin buildings occupied by rebels during the Easter Rising of 1916

In 1922 a separate English company was formed, W & R Jacob (L’pool) Ltd. The two branches separated, with the Dublin branch retaining the W & R Jacob name while the Liverpool branch was renamed Jacob’s Bakery Ltd. In the 1970s, W & R Jacob in Dublin merged with Boland’s Biscuits to form Irish Biscuits Ltd. and moved to Tallaght, Ireland. -From Wikipedia.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 in