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Boxed Buddy L Presssed Steel Camper For Sale


Boxed Buddy L Presssed Steel Camper For Sale

This used camper comes with the traditional toy collector grand prize- the box.  The truck itself has rubs on the fenders and scratches.  The camper top has cracking that has been glued back.  The back portion of the topper has a fill in part to plug a hole.  Still, this is a boxed toy that is screaming for an upgraded topper.  Hopefully a collector out there can make the upgrade.

Suspension is spring loaded in the front and works well.  We have stair steps in the back for play fun.  The body is a turquoise 1960’s couture color.

The box even has a price tag on the end flap and product ID No5433.  We interpret the “The Cussins and Fearn Co” $3.98 price tag to be a 1961 date also.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 12 in