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Takara Browning M1910 Gun Robo Microman MC-07 Robot in Box *SOLD*

Browning M1910 Gun Robo Microman MC-07 Robot in Box

We have a kids toy, first and foremost, but it came from around 1980 and this form of toy is now outlawed.  Takara made a line of Micro toys known for their miniature figure Microman.  Vehicles and bigger toys tended to get a MC or Microchange number.  This GunRobo is Micro Change toy #07.

Collectors of US toys noted that gun robots “started” with Megatron (MC-13).  Megatron was actually part of this Micro Change lineup of gun toys and this Browning scale model of the military M1910 is another amazing toy.

Gun history-wise, collectors know of John Browning as the inventor of the Browning pattent Colt 1911.  Gun collectors also know of Mr Browning as the inventor of the M1935 Browning FN, a gun made to this day.  So if you look into the “grandfather” design, it is this M1910 design.

Takara appears to have fully licensed these Micro-Change robot designs with the proper gun manufacturers.  Proper names, attributions, as well as grip insignias are used.

We digress, but the point is that this “toy” is steeped in very adult history and adult war themes.   The Browning robot actually shoots rubber bullets and comes with a stand up “bad-guy” target.   It comes with sights, proper grips, and an actual working trigger.  These are amazing feats done in the name of a “toy”.

Our toy comes complete with unused bullets, a full sticker sheet minus a waist sticker application, both silver arm guns, instructions, and is near mint in a near mint box.

Condition on the chrome plating is extra shiny and excellent.

We get a variation in this toy, the red “leg” robot variation.  It is a desirable incarnation, as they often come in blue.

Browning M1910 is a key pre-Transformers toy, a key toy in the world of toy evolution (real looking gun toys), a brilliant toy engineering feat, and just a beautiful toy to add to your collection.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 8 in