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Buck Rogers Spaceship Tin Windup Vintage Toy For Sale


Buck Rogers Spaceship Tin Windup- Vintage Toy For Sale

Our iconic Buck Rogers has a killer design and an evocative pinging windup sound.  -Call it a warp drive sound and driving wheels.

The window has a driver and copilot from the Buck Rogers series, likely Buck and Buddy Wade. -Buddy and a Scientist in the other. The top of the cockpit has a “space age” bump of a window design.

Story– In 1938, Lieutenant Buck Rogers (Buster Crabbe) and Buddy Wade (Jackie Moran) are part of the crew of a dirigible flying over the North Pole. They are caught in a savage storm and crash. They are ordered to release the experimental Nirvano Gas, which (unbeknownst to them) will put them in suspended animation until they are rescued….later, much later.

The bottom of the rocket has scuffs and darkening from play wear.  The aft top fin looks too good and we believe it an older replacement.

Lithographs are bright and the windup works well. There is no flint present, so no sparks. The start stop works fine.



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