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Buddy L Jr Airmail Truck for Sale *SOLD*

Buddy L Jr Airmail Truck for sale

We are pleased to offer the most elusive of all  the Buddy L Jr.s for sale here.  This airmail truck just didin’t survive or wasn’t produced enough compared to today’s demand.

Our truck is in very good to excellent condition with what appears to be an original airmail back and original truck and frame.  We have detected touchups to the red paint in blacklight in about 5% of the frame at most.  Then we believe the front fender and cab top to have been expertly repainted.  This is only surmised based on minor details in backlighting. We will error on the side of caution with fender and cab top restoration.  The doors, interior, and most everything else appears original.  We’ve had a number of these Juniors, and they just rust.

Tires are original and hubs are original.  We also see the oft-lost chains to keep the payload inside the container box.  Rear box stickers may be reproduction.  They seem too fresh, but detailed photos are show.  The rear bumper sticker and cab sticker appear original.


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